Using HTTPService to get XML results from a server

I’m not a Flex developer, but I’m quickly becoming one.  Recently I was tasked with creating a Flex form, sending it to the server, waiting for a response, and handling things accordingly.  My problem was that I couldn’t figure out how to use my result set that I received from the server.  Turns out, I needed to import a EventResult library, which was the turning point.

The Actionscript


private function thanks(evt:ResultEvent):void{
var dataFromServer:XML = XML(evt.result);;

The Flex

id=”srv” useProxy=”false”
url=”http://localhost/form.php” method=”POST”
resultFormat=”xml” result=”thanks(event); “>
{ bname.text }
{ baddress.text }


What happens here is that the HTTPService sends my data to the server, then some new data is returned in XML format.  Important things to remember are the ResultEvent that is passed to the event handler.  Just passing a normal event didn’t do much for me.

Author: Jack Slingerland

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