Virtualenv Error: Could not find the … element of the Setuptools distribution

For a few hours I was running into a problem whenever I would try to install my PIP requirements file. The install would go alright until it got to Distribute, at which point I would get an that ended up in a stack trace with:

Could not find the /lib/python2.7/site-packages/ element of the Setuptools distribution

After much searching and digging, the issue was that my virtual environment needed to be instantiated with the –distribute flag.

virtualenv venv --distribute

Problem solved.

Update All PIP Packages

Revisiting an old Python + Django project made me realize that I needed to upgrade it’s PIP packages. Unfortunately, PIP doesn’t provide a way out of the box to update all of your installed packages at once. To update all of the PIP packages at once, use the following script.

import pip
from subprocess import call
for dist in pip.get_installed_distributions():
    call("pip install --upgrade " + dist.project_name, shell=True)

For more detail, check out this question on Stack Overflow.

Installing Local Flavor with Django 1.5

I just started a new project using the latest release candidate of Django 1.5. One thing that I needed was the local flavor add-on so I could get a list of US states. This functionality used to be rolled into the main codebase, but it was rightfully removed in Django 1.5. To install the US local flavor package, just use PIP.

pip install

Now you should be able to import anything you need from the package in the usual manner, except from the new package instead of the old one.

from django_localflavor_us.us_states import STATE_CHOICES

For more information, check out the How To Migrate section of the local flavor docs on the Django documentation site.